Welcome to my Dedicated Home Theater

Welcome to the DownTown JohnTown Theater!

In case it’s not clear from the title, my name is John. And I want to welcome you all to the Official DownTown JohnTown post-build party.

Random Guest: “The DownTown JohnTown Theater is the best theater on John’s block. I garauntee it!”

The title of my theater must be pretty catchy, since just the other day my wife said to me, “Hon, why is it that you come straight home from work and dissappear into DownTown JohnTown?”

DownTown JohnTown might sound like a crowded row of porta-potties at the state fair, but it’s much better than that.

For those of you who are interested, here are the completed theater’s vital statistics:

Room Dimensions: 11’4″ W x 19′ L x 7′ 6″ H
Distance from back wall to false screen-wall: 17 ft.
Distance from front row eyes to screen: Roughly 9.5 ft.
Distance from back row eyes to screen: Roughly 15.5 ft.
Screen: 96 inch Carada Brilliant White, Criterion Series
Seating: Leather Power Recliners, Berkline 088s, 2 rows of 3.
Projector: Sony Pearl (VPL-VW50)

Horizontal Viewing Angles for Front and Back Row are within the THX minimum of 26 degrees, with the front row topping out at 40+, which works well on HD DVDs.

And without further ado, I present these pictures of the finished product. Keep in mind, the flash is being used — the actual paint colors are darker than depicted.

home theater right acoustic panels

home theater left acoustic panels

home theater stadium seating